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Spring Tips on Staging to Sell

What a perfect time of year to make your home feel sweet and welcoming before marketing it for sale or rent!

Start your day with a nice coffee or tea, put some good music on, open all windows to let the fresh air of Spring entering your home and pick a room!

Stand at the front door for a while sipping on your morning drink and organize your thoughts for a thorough cleaning and sort out.

What sparks joy and what doesn’t anymore when you look at your items around the room?

Have you packed or give away most of what you won’t need any more for summer?
Such as heavy blankets, warm and fluffy fabrics, winter clothes.

Start feeling the energy of Spring filling up your home with the fresh air coming in!

Make room for the new, your home has to feel fresh, clean, light and energetic! Start de-cluttering, do not hesitate to remove small and unnecessary furniture, clean every corner of the room with the thought of bringing a natural abundance coming your way.

Invite the nature inside! Favour neutral colours, natural fabrics such as linen, cotton… without forgetting a few touches of colour reminiscent of summer and of course natural plants and fragrant bouquets will instantly live up your room with this fresh energy!

Once you are done with one room, go to the next and do the same, de-clutter, re-arrange a lighter layout of the room, pack, give away, store anything you won’t need for the next few months, clean it from top to floor, (without forgetting the windows and the light bulbs) and spread around that same Spring harmony of happy energy around!

You can now take a few pictures per room with different angles, of course with a full daylight, windows opened, no more visible clutter. The entire house has to smell good, feel fresh and welcoming, light and cosy!