Bianca Saez

Bianca Saez

TS advocate, motivational speaker and performer

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Bianca dedicates her life to educating the community about TS, supporting those with similar conditions and documenting her experience.

She was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when she was just five years old after she began punching and scratching herself and her loved ones.

At the young age of 16, Bianca was put into a mental health unit, which devastated her family.

After a long journey to self-acceptance and countless failed surgeries, Bianca has come to embrace her condition.

“If I was offered a cure tomorrow, I don’t think I would take it. I just want to help other people.”

Bianca lives independently on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, and works as a motivational speaker in Brisbane. She is available to travel for speaking engagements. Bianca’s full journey is coming soon.

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