Frequently Asked Questions

Finch Therapy is a unique treatment. We work on muscular imbalances and most of our patients experience a pain reduction with in two treatments.

We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments on a weekly to fortnightly basis to complete the Finch therapy process.

Some patients notice pain changes immediately as many of the major postural imbalances will be treated the first visit. As there are many triggers for pain and the practitioner needs to teach the patient how to do the exercises correctly to ensure the change is sustained. The treatment is a process of eliminating each muscular imbalance until there is nothing to treat. Over 80% of our patients find we can completely resolve or significantly reduce their symptoms.

No. The treatment is not painful and does not cause pain. In addition, no manipulation, mobilisation or manual therapy is required as part of this treatment.

No, treatment is done fully clothed. Please wear loose comfortable clothes. To assess the pelvis a top and a bottom is preferable (ie: NO Dresses or one-piece clothing please).

NO. After each treatment the patient will be in better alignment so the patient should only feel better. We do recommend avoiding fast aggressive movements and anything that seems to cause pain until we can restore balance to the body.

We recommend a three-monthly check-up to identify any muscle weaknesses before symptoms develop. This pro-active approach that can prevent pain and maximise performance.

Nothing the patient does will cause a change in their alignment if they are following our prescription.

YES. As no deep compressive work is required. This reduces significantly reduces the risk of fracture.

Yes. By decreasing the amount of stress being placed on their joints and muscles, patients commonly experience significant reduction in inflammation and pain, improving the client’s quality of life. Rheumatoid arthritis is medical conditions that cannot be treated with any therapy. However, by reducing inflammation Finch therapy can make your symptoms more manageable and can improve your mobility and quality of life. If clients have any concerns, they should consult their GP or Rheumatologist.

Yes, Finch therapy is 100% safe. Finch therapy essentially only strengthens muscles that are weak, like a light gym workout or going for a walk. If clients have any concerns, they should consult their GP or specialist.

Definitely, by realigning the body we are reducing tension on muscles, joints, bones and nerve pathways. This makes the bodies movement more efficient and will result in improved sporting performance, improved recovery times and DOMS. Another huge advantage is the benefits for injury prevention. This really does give you an advantage over competitors.

To answer this question you need to know about fascia. Fascia is the white connective tissue you see in red meat (for example, a piece of steak). Muscles are made up of 50-60% fascia. It provides form and tensile strength.
The human body has 640 muscles and it is said that 600 of them sit with in pockets of fascial slings.
So, imagine a sheet of glad wrap (fascia) with pockets of muscles. One muscle has a large impact on this fascial sling and if weak will load the rest of that glad wrap providing compression and tension on muscles, joints, bones and nerve pathways. Some of the fascial slings run from your head to your toes. These fascial slings have a similar effect to kinetic chains in your body in that, if there is a weakness, they often cause imbalance and pain.

Finch Therapy Testimonials

Seriously, wow, this is not a scam, it’s for real! I could barely walk before the session. After the most gentle but thorough assessment and tweaking I walked after with very little pain. I was given a few “exercises” to do at home (hmm, you hardly know you’re doing them). 3 (inexpensive) visits and I’m done. I just get better with each week. It’s so weird after years and years of seeing other physios and chiros to find this incredible relief. I’m 55 years old and have been unable to pick up my baby grandchildren without help since they were born, nor could I do normal day to day activities since 2008. I have my life back. My grandchildren have had sleepovers and stayed for 4 days. I’M EVEN DOING THE IRONING AGAIN. Thanks hardly seems enough but, thanks Scott you’re amazing!
After many (expensive) visits to orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons and being told basically to put up with my pain until a hip replacement could be done. I bit the bullet and contacted Scott. Imagine my surprise when after a thorough and very gentle assessment I found that 90% of my pain had ceased. After setting me a few exercises (so seriously easy) I was sent on my way. By the time I arrived at my son’s house an hour later I was able to bound up his stairs (actually I forgot that I normally can’t without any pain). Thank you so much Scott for giving me back my quality of life.